Our instructors are young professionals with STEM background, mostly graduated from Top Universities with Master/Ph.D. degree.  Instructors for the pre-school group are professional Early Childhood Educator. All of our robotics instructors have certified by CMU robotics academy.

Rachel Z. - Chief Instructor/ Head Coach (Markham)
MASc in Aerospace Engineering, University of Toronto
7+ Yrs Experience in Autonomous Robots Design
Vex IQ Ontario Provincial Champion 

Matt C. VEX&FLL Coach, Head Instructor (Richmond)

B.A.Sc. in Electronics Engineering, B.Sc. Mathematics, Simon Fraser University Over 7 years experience in hardware, electronics system designOver 5 years experience in software development

Kevin H. VEX&FLL Coach, Head Instructor (East York)

B.A.Sc. Electrical & Computer Engineering (1T4), University of TorontoVEX IQ & VEX Robotics Competition Head Referee5+ years of experience in Electronics and Robotics Systems Design8+ years of experience in Software Development using C/C#/Java/Python Interests in Math, FinTech and Investing

Tim T. - Vex EDR Coach 
Ph.D. in Aerospace Studies, University of Toronto
Over 7 years experience as senior TA/course designer at UT Department of Engineering Science for capstone design

Carey W. - Vex EDR Coach
Advanced Robotics & Programming Instructor
Ph.D. Candidate in Engineering, University of Toronto
5+ Yrs Experience in Control System 

Siwen Y. - Advanced Programming Instructor
BA Computer Science, University of Waterloo
AI/Android Engineer at Huawei Canada Research Center
Strong Work Experience and academic background at Software Development AI and Machine Learning

Kang R. EV3 Robotics&Scratch Coding Instructor
MEng in Mechanical Engineering, University of Toronto
Senior Automation Engineer5 Years of experience in machine automation, machine vision and robotics

Hailey Z. - Wedo & Scratch Instructor
MEng in Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Waterloo
4+ years experience in circuit design and simulationFamiliar with algorithm design and various programming languages

Roy L. – VEX IQ & FLL Coach
EV3 Robotics InstructorBASc in Mechanical Engineering with Honours, University of Toronto
4+ year experience in engineering designSound knowledge on robot structure and principles

Martin C. - Scratch Coding and Robotics 
BA in Mechanical Engineering, OntarioTech University
Extensive experience of working with industrial machines as Manufacturing Engineer 

Campbell W. Math teacher, Wedo & Scratch Instructor
BA in Mathematics,University of Waterloo
4+ year experience in data modeling Top 10% in Euclid contest

Coco C. - RoboGarden InstructorRegistered ECE
Specialized in Early Childhood DevelopmentSeneca Lab School Educator Outstanding communication skills
5+ Yrs Early Childhood Educator Experience

Grace Z. - RoboGarden Instructor 
Bachelor of Child Development with Honors
Registered ECE. 4yr+ experience in early childhood development
Certificate of Ontario CANS

Mason Rock Instructor
MA Complex System, Ryerson University
Like Music, Games, and MathematicsA kind person who loves to teach and has aspirations of becoming a physics professor.

Johnson Z. Instructor
BA Computer Science, University of Toronto
Like Programming, Gaming and Learning New thingsA person who enjoys helping others in reaching their goals, want to foster curiosity and drive to learn.
Kayi H. Instructor
George Brown College
Early Childhood EducatorLoving person, Patience, Humor with a very strong communication skill, Creativity and Flexibility.

Andrea Clemeno, Instructor
Aspiring Biomedical Engineer, Ryerson University
Positive, creative and loves to laugh. Deeply loved and respected by studentsMade cool projects include: a personalized heart-rate monitor, a non-invasive Ethanol detection device and an Arthritis therapy device and app duo

.Ian Yurikh, Instructor
Automotive Engineering,OntarioTech University
Held teaching positions for the past seven years and love working with kids of all ages ranging from 4 years old to high-schoolers. 

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