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Students at RoboEDU are always excited to get involved in our after-school activities. We provide a variety of options for all types of interests, and encourage students to find the best fit for them.

Leve 1  - 6
AGE: 4 - 7

Children's early experiences set the foundation of development that help to shape children's brains and the their capacities to learn, socilize, and to respond to daily stresses & challenges. At this stage, Kids learn essential life skills through creative play, exploration and hands-on experiences.

In Robogarden, our students will engage in LEGO Robotics explorationsthat support their skill developments in many different ways. Structure building, sequencing, problem solving, and making predictions are just the beginning of our journey.

Level 1: Morphun bricks for LEGO Starters

  • Skills learned: number sequence, shape recognition & patterning, and 2D-3D construction

Level 2: Duplo bricksfor Creative Builders

  • Skills learned: 3D-structure building, spcial sense, and geometry

Level 3 -4: Duplo bricks, gears, motor & Ipad for Expolorers

  • Skills learned: gear function, simple physics, robotics & coding

Level 5-6: Duplo bricks, gears, motor & Ipad for Problem-Solvers

  • Skills learned: basic mechanism, robotics & coding


Level 1 - 4

During their early school years from grade 1 to 4, children accquire new skills and knowledge rapidly like sponges aborbing water. Research shows that children at this stage learn much more and much faster than of their later years.

​In Robotics 1, students will use classic LEGO bricks, gears, axels, motors and laptops to explore further in LEGO Robotics. Each student will be assigned with one project per class and build independently. Students will also learn how to use associated coding programs to control their project on a digital application called Wedo.

Level 1:  for Robotics Starters

  • Skills learned: fundamental mechanism (gear & motor function), and using Wedo App for basic coding & programming

Level 2: for Adanced Robotics Building

  • Skills learned: complex building with mechanical structures and advanced Wedo coding & programming

Level 3: for Advanced Robotics Ameliorating & Re-Constructing

  • Skills learned: structure improvement & re-construction, advanced coding & programming and problem-solving

Level 4: Advanced Robotics Designing

  • Skills learned: Advanced robotics designing and building


Level 5-8

In RoboEDU, our goal is to inspire students to become the Creators of Tomorrow by unleashing children's Creativity, so they can bring Robotics to Life. Students need the freedom to create and the ability to innovate, At this stage, RoboEDU provides the facilitation and professional support for students to develop these skills. Students will build projects using EV3 Mindstorm bricks. They will also design and create programmable robots using motors, sensors, gears, axles, and other mechanical pieces. In Robotics Level 5-8, students gain an understanding of how mechanism works with current technology when applying their knowledge in real time to buildi and test esting their projects and

Level 5:  for EV3 Mindstorm Starters

  • Skills learned: structure building and robotics control with EV3 Mindstorm bricks and associated technology

Level 6: for Advanced EV3 Mindstorm

  • Skills learned: structure building and robot commands with advanced programming

Level 7: for Mission based EV3 Mindstorm

  • Skills learned: advanced programming skills to resolve mission challenges

Level 8: Advanced Robotics Designing

  • Skills learned: creativity-based complex robotics design, building and programming

AGE: 12-14

Our VEX IQ classrooms integrate STEM education into real life robotics building and programming. During our VEX IQ training, coaches will guide and prepare students with the ability to build and control their robots effectively and efficiently using intuitive tool-less VEX IQ products such as robotics kits and electronics. Students also will learn to program with RoboC to create the Autonomas for their robots.


AGE: 14+

For students with a solid foundation in VEX IQ RoboEDU offers classes at the next level. Instructors guide students as they dive deep into programming.

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