Course Description

Scratch Coding

Level 1 Recommended age: 6-7

Scratch basics: movement, sound & visual effects, pen feature, coordinate systems, sensing, and using the Stratch App to create stories with different costumes and scene designs.

Level 2: Recommended age: 7-8

Scratch higher basics: control functions, geometric

Level 3: Recommended age: 8-9

Scratch building blocks: introduction to lists, basic games (eg. pong & brick breaker), moving backgrounds, smooth animations, random coordinates, timers, and complex maze games.

Level 4: Recommended age: 8-10

Scratch game designer: students will create and customize their own interpretation classic games: Space Invaders, Flappy Bird, TRON, Earth Defense & etc.

Level 5: Recommended age: 10+

Scratch advanced: real programming concepts (eg. booleans, strings & integers), function definition and concept real life applications. Scratch Level 5 test requires students to create a game of 21 and play it against the computer.

Level 6: Recommended age: 10+

Scratch expert: in-depth application of the past Scratch prgramming knowledge (unlike previous levels, this level has no code displayed nor explanation just the final project view). Students are challenged to use their creativity, past knowledge & skills learned to produce the project.

Computer Programming

Computer Programming 

After an interview with each student, base on each individual's needs and interests. A customized learning package will be planned for each student. For example, software development, machine learning, AP computer science, etc.

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